5 thoughts on “Nintendo Switch debuts with tons of info

  • January 14, 2017 at 2:18 pm

    The Xbox One S or the PS4, are far better deals than an underpowered, overpriced tablet. There is no real value in an overpriced Nintendo tablet. For $300, it won't be able to compete with cheaper and better alternatives on the market. The Wii U tanked. No one was playing any of those first party titles, which is all it had. You can't price such an underpowered, and disadvantaged console, with no real use outside of gaming for $300 (who is actually doing anything other than gaming on a Nintendo console???), and not put any free first party Nintendo games to offset the price. $300 is too damn much. It just isn't realistic to price it that high, when compared to the competition, which is cheaper and far better valued. What consumer in their right mind is going to pick a $300 underpowered and next to no value console/tablet, over a $250 relatively powerful console with a built in 4K BluRay player? People (mainly parents and young adults), are almost always going to pick the cheaper and better value console, over some overpriced and weak console, that can't even play the best selling, current gen games, like COD or Battlefield? The Switch's $300 price is a joke. It will get a price reduction soon, then it can compete.


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